Show Jumps Krakow - KrakSky

Jumping takes place from Friday to Sunday. Call us for more details +48 517 957 120

skoki na spadochronie kraków 213


We are able to jump out and land almost anywhere (under the applicable regulations and after checking the terrain). During the show, we can perform jumps with advertising banners, flags, etc. If the landing area ensures a safe touchdown of the parachute tandem, we can perform a jump with a passenger indicated by the Ordering Party – eg with the event star or VIP. The passenger does not need to have any licenses or medical certificates. During jumps, we perform acrobatics on parachute cups, jumps with smoke candles, etc. We invite entrepreneurs to cooperate during show jumping. We offer the possibility of a promotion in the form of jumping with flags and banners attached to the jumper’s legs. At the same time, we are able to place logos on advertising banners, helmets, parachute suits and parachute canopies. 

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